Witticism with the hope of the future!

I must use the phrase ‘The Most Unluckiest Covid Students Batch 2020-2021’ has been already facing all sorts of troubles in all fields especially in education. The pandemic shatters the value of the practical education system of the students. Although the pandemic has introduced the ‘Online Education System’ to the whole world, but all we can say that it is a kind of nominal way of learning procedure. Is it enough to compensate for students’ sufferings? There are several practical based courses and subjects like Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronical Engineering, Medical laboratory, Mass Communication and Journalism and Performing Arts etc where such online education can not be implemented as the base of our core education system.

Whatsoever, the Assam Education Board Class 10th & 12th Students has to go through a very difficult mental phase as the dates of the final exams for both 10th and 12th classes are changing and delaying in almost every week. There are some specific words which students get to hear in this year like cancelled, postponed, delayed etc. This year approximately 4 lakh students are expected to appear for the Assam Board Exam 2021. At first the Assam Govt has announced that HSLC(class10) and HS(class12) will be held and the students will be given their choices of papers and they would not have to appear for all papers. But then again it was got cancelled with rising positivity rate of covid19. After all the uncertainty the two committees formed by the State Govt has declared the evaluation criteria for SEBA HSLC and AHSEC HS and the results will be declared by July 31 which will be based on the 40% marks from class 9 exam and 40% from class 10 exams and 20% marks from school based internal assessment. On the other hand for class 12, marks will be alloted from the average of the best 3 subjects in class 10, 30% from practicals and 10% marks by school and this clause also said that those students couldn’t appear in any government job or cannot become a teacher under the state govt. For this they have to sit for the same examination once Covid19 situation improves. But truly this decision makes no sense hence all the student organizations including AASU chief advisor Samujjal Bhattacharya opposing it and demanded the state govt to withdraw the clause as soon as possible. The Covid batch students has been already going through a lot mental torture and they shouldn’t be put through more stress. Before giving such dscesion regarding the students’ future the govt and the education board has to think about it enormously. What will happen if the student is considered under that particular evaluating process and later fails to clear the special exam? Then he or she will not only lose 1 academic year but also gets eliminate from having jobs in the future. Aren’t we the one who always says that the students are the future of our country? So in this way it is far more away from possible for these students to have a bright future. The state govt shouldn’t be allegedly playing with the fate of the students.

Thereupon, the earlier Education Minister must have given keen eyes to conduct the examination in January – February rather giving interest towards his political party. It is not the students fault to not be able to go to schools and colleges and to appear in proper offline examination so why does they have to demolish their life? It is completely a witticism with the future of our youth.

Human Being : Blessed or Cursed(my thoughts)

The great ancestors of ours said that the so called ‘human being’ is a real blessing of great Lord because after the many species evolution process human being are born with developed mind and also the other living beings such as animals, creatures, plants, insects etc doesn’t have the ability to speak but is it enough for us? Is it enough to share our feelings through some languages? These are the idiotic questions comes often in my mind now a days. I’m a human being of the most developed and advanced 21st century and I’m also the part of “the evil year 2020”. Here comes the most wicked number i.e two zero two zero. According to our ancestor’s thought people should have lived a normal, secured lifestyle followed by the natural principles of Earth, even so here people ended up their lives being cursed terribly. Again a gigantic question comes in my mind and i.e how much the so called human being have to endure? Why am I using such phrase, because of that wicked number “2020”, it hasn’t started off too well. It is so recklessly exalted that I don’t even feel the urge to explain those deadly phenomena. However I want to mention the indications atleast : CAA, the Citizenship Amendment Act which leads to death of approximately 69 innocents, all over India. Then comes the most ferocious Pandemic “CORONA VIRUS, COVID19”. We the young generation people have faced and get familiar to some most unfortunate words like Covid19, Lockdown, Quarantine, Social Distancing, Sanitizer etc. Though we might familiar with some of these from earlier, but now a different abstraction comes immediately to our mind whenever we heard of those words. Personally I never thought that I would have even experienced such pandemic in my life. It has already been 4-5 months that this Virus spreading rapidly all over the globe and it’s already taken away lacs of people’s lives without any delay which has no vaccine for remedy. Eventually what is the benefit of living in so enlarged world and what is the benefit of acquiring super power if America itself sees thousands of corpse so helplessly. There is a proverb in Assamese that “ৰাখে হৰি মাৰে কোনে মাৰে হৰি ৰাখে কোনে(Rakhe Hari Mare Kune Mare Hari Rakhe Kune) which means if God wants to protect you who can kill you if God wants to kill you who can protect you. This ferocious pandemic enfolds the whole world and we can not even imagine how badly it hurts the human race, society, economy as well. This pandemic has cursed the ‘Right to life, Right to live freely’ of human being. This imprecation is not end here it has many more to terminate the human race completely. The next indication is the deadly tropical cyclone ‘AMPHAN’ that caused widespread damage in North East, Bangladesh, West Bengal with its highest winds and pressure. I want to conclude my writing here with just some other typical questions that ‘just because we are human beings, Can we sacrifice our lives so timidly? Can we bear the loss of our loved ones?’

My insight into the University

A girl with lots of hope and expectations in her eyes had entered ‘জ্যোতি বাটচৰা’ Gate (of Dibrugarh University) with her mother. She didn’t know much about the University at that time (about the centres and departments), very confused and called one of her sisters and asked her where the centre for studies in journalism and mass communication is. According to her sister’s response she goes on and finally found her centre in the exact due time of the entrance examination but she was shiverring like anything and that was not because of her exam’s fury but for something really straining happened in her life indirectly, something so personal that unbalanced her mind completely as ‘What an unfortunate day that was !’ And that girl was none other than me, that was me myself. During the whole examination, I kept on thinking about the incident and tried hard to concentrate on my entrance paper as well. The whole exam procedure with group discussion and personal interview had gone very hectic. When the results were declared my name was on 1st position but in the waiting list. And then fortunately I have got admission into the University, after that day the uncondensed contrivance is going very good. After entering the University(in our centre) for the very first day it was felt like ‘oh yeah now I’m persuing master degree, I’m also a university student’, I grew up enough and somehow I could feel proud of myself and these were all because of my Parents ‘মা আৰু পাপা’. They gave me mental support immensely and understood me, understood the whole situation , respect my feelings that I had for my special one and did things that I even couldn’t have been thought of. I know every child is very adorable for their parents but my parents have done sometimes extremely extraordinary that I couldn’t have been asked for.
Now let me tell you about my mould but syrupy journey in University till now. From higher secondary stage I wanted to study in Dibrugarh University(DU) and now I am a part of it so you could have feel my happiness you know. On the first official day of our classes we all were very much in fear of our seniors as we all are very much familiar with so called ‘ragging’ custom in various colleges and universities but fortunately there is nothing called ragging in Dibrugarh University. I have to write here about our beloved seniors that when slowly days were passed, we interacting with them and got to know that they are more than seniors they are our sisters and brothers. From the time of March past in 15th August till today they have been teaching us how to develop brotherhood, and sentiment, emotion for our centre CSJMC(centre for studies in journalism and mass communication). Meeting an abundance of friends from far different places and developing very strong bonds with some of them is also a different experience for me. Im experiencing lots of doings for the first time here like I enjoyed our marching band for the first time being a participant on this Independence Day in some extra level it was kind of my beyond imagination and expectation. Starting from that event to celebrating ‘Photography Day’, ‘Department Freshment social’, ‘Diwali’, ‘National Seminar’ etc has given me amusing enjoyment and learnings. And I must write here about the ‘assignments’, ‘presantions’, ‘in-sem exams’, these are the exclusive proofs that I am a university student but all total of these will become meaningless if I’m not talking here about our ‘teachers’ cum friends. Now what will I tell you about them they’re just exceptionally splendid and determinative and benevolent towards us.
In this month I had a great experience of taking interview of renowned personalities being a mass communicator and a student of journalism, I must tell you that this feeling is not less than a feeling of a professional journalist. So if truth be told, DU has already changed my livelihood up to 80% change in the sense it makes me more busier in academics than before which I enjoyed very much. ‘নাহৰৰ দেশ’ Dibrugarh University is teaching me every day that how to deal with every situation, how to handling up messy things, importance of time that even each second matters how much in our lives.
[NOTE – Every single detail is not given]

I am Still Alive

I am still alive with some ray of hope
that the chaos of my mind will be stopped
Why today the truths even becomes untrue
And my heart goes woeful with mewl..

I am still alive to know where I lacked,
when purely I were devoted
I wonder how people are changing their colour
like the changing of seasons summer and winter..

I am still alive for explaining my withstand
But get knocked back with hoax longing again and again and again..

I am still alive with some ray of hope
That my life is going to be accustomed for…