Witticism with the hope of the future!

I must use the phrase ‘The Most Unluckiest Covid Students Batch 2020-2021’ has been already facing all sorts of troubles in all fields especially in education. The pandemic shatters the value of the practical education system of the students. Although the pandemic has introduced the ‘Online Education System’ to the whole world, but all we can say that it is a kind of nominal way of learning procedure. Is it enough to compensate for students’ sufferings? There are several practical based courses and subjects like Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronical Engineering, Medical laboratory, Mass Communication and Journalism and Performing Arts etc where such online education can not be implemented as the base of our core education system.

Whatsoever, the Assam Education Board Class 10th & 12th Students has to go through a very difficult mental phase as the dates of the final exams for both 10th and 12th classes are changing and delaying in almost every week. There are some specific words which students get to hear in this year like cancelled, postponed, delayed etc. This year approximately 4 lakh students are expected to appear for the Assam Board Exam 2021. At first the Assam Govt has announced that HSLC(class10) and HS(class12) will be held and the students will be given their choices of papers and they would not have to appear for all papers. But then again it was got cancelled with rising positivity rate of covid19. After all the uncertainty the two committees formed by the State Govt has declared the evaluation criteria for SEBA HSLC and AHSEC HS and the results will be declared by July 31 which will be based on the 40% marks from class 9 exam and 40% from class 10 exams and 20% marks from school based internal assessment. On the other hand for class 12, marks will be alloted from the average of the best 3 subjects in class 10, 30% from practicals and 10% marks by school and this clause also said that those students couldn’t appear in any government job or cannot become a teacher under the state govt. For this they have to sit for the same examination once Covid19 situation improves. But truly this decision makes no sense hence all the student organizations including AASU chief advisor Samujjal Bhattacharya opposing it and demanded the state govt to withdraw the clause as soon as possible. The Covid batch students has been already going through a lot mental torture and they shouldn’t be put through more stress. Before giving such dscesion regarding the students’ future the govt and the education board has to think about it enormously. What will happen if the student is considered under that particular evaluating process and later fails to clear the special exam? Then he or she will not only lose 1 academic year but also gets eliminate from having jobs in the future. Aren’t we the one who always says that the students are the future of our country? So in this way it is far more away from possible for these students to have a bright future. The state govt shouldn’t be allegedly playing with the fate of the students.

Thereupon, the earlier Education Minister must have given keen eyes to conduct the examination in January – February rather giving interest towards his political party. It is not the students fault to not be able to go to schools and colleges and to appear in proper offline examination so why does they have to demolish their life? It is completely a witticism with the future of our youth.

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